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Frequently asked questions

Where do you organise your camps?

We are organising camps in different location within Europe. Our main hubs at the moment are within Southern Europe, but we also have organised camps in Lithuania, Austria, Ireland, Bulgaria amongst others. We constantly look for new locations to ensure you also get to explore new destinations when you want to come back to our camps. You can find our current camps here

What levels of skills are your camps for?

From beginner to national players, we cater for all levels – although our participants have one thing in common: they all want to get better and level up their beach volleyball skills. We assess players before the camp to ensure the coaching will be adapted to the skill levels and to match them in equally skilled training groups. We coach what we see so everyone will have improved by the end of a camp.

How do I know my skill level?

It’s never easy assessing your own level of play. Some people underestimate themselves, some overestimate. It gets even more difficult when comparing different countries For this reason we’ve created the following system to help you with your self-assessment when signing up to any of our camps

A1: You never played beach volleyball or you play casually on holidays.

A2: You have played beach volleyball for under a year. You are starting to understand the basic technique and how to apply it.

A3: You have played beach volleyball for at least one year. You already know the basic technique and rules, but still have trouble applying them correctly.

A4: You have played for several years and have trained with coaches. You master the serve, the basic technique and understand the structure of the game (sideout and transition). You regularly play 2 Vs 2 competitively.

A5: You train regularly and all year around with a coach. You master the basic technique (you can both bump and hand set) and can keep the ball alive also under difficult playing conditions (including wind). You are able to attack every ball while jumping. When training, you work more on your tactic than your technique. You frequently compete in tournaments.

A6: Even under difficult conditions, you have mastered all the basic techniques as well as the structure of the game in different situations. When attacking, you can correctly use the “shot” and “hit”  in a controlled manner depending on the situation. You understand “in-system” and “out of system” situations. You have a variety of serves (standing, float, jump float, jump serve). You compete in tournaments and achieve good results (Top 5).

A7: You have mastered all elements of beach volleyball and only need training for a more efficient game. You compete and win tournaments regularly.

How do I know that my group will be at my level?

It’s important for us to match players according to their skills to ensure we have balanced training groups. To do so, we send out questionnaires to participants prior to the camp that ask for their experience and playing level. Based on those answers, the coaches create “player profiles” to get an idea of how to allocate the players into their training groups.

How many people do usually attend a camp?

Our camp sizes vary – we welcomed between 12 and 60 people to our camps. Our focus is always on quality coaching while maintaining a fun & friendly environment. Smaller numbers help us keep the quality standards high and allow us to give personal attention to each and every player. By the end of the camp, every coach will know you.

Who will be coaching?

Our coaches differ from camp to camp, but they always have a few things in common: They are friendly, knowledgeable, professional with an attention to detail and an encouraging attitude. This ensures you will receive high quality coaching that’s tailored to your skills.

We take pride in choosing only the best {such as medal winners}. Even though we might not be able to tell you at the point of booking what the full coaching setup looks like, you can be assured that we will have a premium coach line-up for you at the start of the camp. Here you can find the bios of some of the coaches that have been with us over the years.

How big are the training groups?

Our training groups usually consist of 6 people, as we know that a group of max 6 players ensures a perfect combination for intense training and quick breather breaks.

When it comes to beginners or special group requests, it’s not unsual that we organise mixed groups up to 8 people to maximise both quality, learning and fun

How many training sessions will there be?

Our camp schedule includes two training sessions per day. So, if you take part in a typical 6-7 nights camp, you will have 5 training days and thus 10 sessions in total.

Do I have to share the accommodation with someone I don’t know?

We believe that sharing with an unknown person is the best way to make new friends, analyse the day and your achievements. However, we understand that you might not feel comfortable with such a situation. In that case, you also have the option to book the camp without the accommodation or either get a whole apartment for yourself or a private room in a shared apartment. These might come at a different fee and if you would like to request such an arrangement, please send us an email to

What’s included in the camp fee?

Every camp may vary slightly in its offerings, but broadly speaking the fee will cover:

  • Accommodation (if not stated otherwise!)
  • Training sessions run by our experienced international coaches with FIVB certifications (10 session in a week-long camp)
  • Free use of courts and balls so you can play until the sunset
  • Yoga session every training day to strengthen your mind & soul
  • Two items of our stylish Sunset Beach clothings
  • Organisation of the camp so you don’t have to worry about a thing
  • Food and transfer to and from the camp are not included. Extras such as massages from our certified massage therapist can be purchased as extras on-site. To see what exactly is covered by the fee please check out the page for the camp you are interested in.

Does the price include food?

If not otherwise specified, food is not included in the price. Our experience says that people have different tastes, preferences, allergies and consumption habits, which makes it quite difficult to cater for everyone. Depending on the camp, and if accommodation is included, it might have a kitchen or an all-inclusive buffet. We always try to get the best available option, but please check the camp page for specifics on that matter. Generally, we are making sure that there are plenty of options for when you choose to eat out.