Beach Volley Camp Mallorca (Spain)

 5th May – 11th May

Join us
in our next camp in Mallorca, Spain!

From the 5th to the 11th of May, we’ll be coaching and playing beach volleyball for two whole weeks in Mallorca! Join us for high-quality coaching, an idyllic location and fun atmosphere to up your beach volleyball skills.

Mediterranean cuisine, morning yoga and two daily beach volleyball training sessions followed by free games until the sunset that will help you get your level ready for the upcoming summer season

The camp will take place at Palmanova Beach,a breathtaking slice of paradise nestled along the pristine shores of Mallorca and just a twenty minute drive from the capital of the island.

Palmanova Beach is not just a destination; it’s an arena for beach volleyball enthusiasts. Picture yourself on the sand, with the Mediterranean as your backdrop and the court as your stage. The rhythmic sound of waves sets the perfect ambiance for a beach volleyball extravaganza.

Mallorca Beach Volleyball Camp

05th May - 11th May


*Early bird price until February 29th

How to get there

Getting to Palmanova from Mallorca’s airport is a breeze, offering a range of convenient transportation options for camp participants. Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI) serves as the main entry point, and from there, a quick and scenic 20-minute drive unfolds, leading participants to the sun-soaked shores of Palmanova. 

For those opting for public transportation, the A11 bus service efficiently connects the airport to Palmanova, providing a cost-effective and comfortable travel option.

Alternatively, private shuttles offer personalized convenience, ensuring a direct and swift journey for groups. Travelers can also opt for taxis readily available at the airport, offering a door-to-door service and flexibility for those seeking a more private travel experience. Moreover, Uber is available in Mallorca since summer of 2023

You can find more practical information here:
Mallorca’s airport website:
Public transportation’s website

How do our days look at the Mallorca camp?


45-min yoga session at the water front to activate your muscles, mind and body.


Team warm-up, mobilising workout and little games to make sure you are ready to train.


Technical and tactical introduction and first training session within designated training groups.


Morning break.


Second training session expanding on the concepts seen in the first session.


Lunch break.


Free time to play, explore or socialise. Some afternoons, we will organise tournaments.


Free time to socialise with the group or to relax on your own. We organise plenty of events such as group dinners, outings and more.

What else does Palmanova have to offer?

When the day’s matches come to a close, Palmanova Beach transforms into a social hub. Share tales of epic rallies and victories with fellow participants as you relax by the water’s edge. The camaraderie extends beyond the court, making every sunset a celebration of sportsmanship and friendship.

If you find yourself yearning for more, discover the wealth of offerings in the Balearic capital, just a short twenty-minute drive from Palmanova. 

Explore iconic landmarks like La Seu Cathedral, Es Baluard Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and Almudaina Palace, each steeped in historical significance. Delve into the city’s cultural scene with visits to art galleries, museums, and boutiques. 

Wander through the narrow alleys of the historic Old Town, historic squares, peruse fresh food markets, and uncover hidden gardens that add to Palma’s allure. A day spent in the captivating beauty of Palma promises to be nothing short of inspiring, leaving you with a rich tapestry of experiences to cherish.

What’s in it for me?

  • 1 week of training and playing until the Sunset
  • 10 training sessions (Mon – Fri)
  • Small groups (Max 6 players per court)
  • Yoga each morning on the beach
  • Massage therapist on-site (extra cost)
  • Extra assistance on court to make sure you can focus on your training
  • Free use of balls & courts
  • Participation in competitive and social tournaments
  • Sunset Beach prizes for all competitions
  • End of camp party
  • Bespoke clothing: T-shirt and playing top
  • International atmosphere
  • Social gatherings and group dinners
  • Accommodation is not included, which means you will have full flexibility to choose the option that best fits your preferences.
  • Palmanova offers multiple options to enjoy your stay, from luxury hotels to guest houses, apartment, etc…
  • We will create a WhatsApp group for those solo travellers or those looking to share accommodation with other camp participants
  • The courts will be located here, so you can search for your accommodation that’s close by.
  • Experienced international coaches
  • FIVB Certified coaches
  • Unlimited access to world-class advice, feedback and coaching
  • Management & service provided by Sunset Beach staff.

What’s the weather like?

As May unfolds in Palmanova, the coastal town on the picturesque island of Mallorca, a delightful transition towards summer is evident in the weather. May marks the onset of warmer temperatures and abundant sunshine, making it an ideal time to visit. With daytime temperatures ranging from a pleasant 18 to 25 degrees Celsius, the climate is comfortably warm, allowing visitors to bask in the sun on the pristine beaches. 

Evenings bring a mild coolness, creating the perfect ambiance for leisurely walks along the shoreline or outdoor dining at beachfront restaurants

May is characterized by relatively low humidity, providing a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for various outdoor activities, whether it’s exploring cultural sites, participating in beach sports, or simply unwinding by the azure waters.

Mallorca Beach Volleyball Camp

05th May - 11th May