Ericeira, Portugal

Last Octubre we had the opportunity to take our beach volleyball camps to Ericeira “Onde O Mar É Mais Azul” [the place where the sea is the most blue]! We filled our time there with high-quality coaching, in an idyllic location and fun atmosphere where we helped our participants up their beach volleyball skills.

Ericeira is a small charming coastal town on the North coast of Portugal, only 45 minutes from the centre of Lisbon and close to the beautiful region of Sintra.

Praia dos Pescadores (the Fishermen’s beach) is located in the centre of Ericeira. The town of Ericeira was built around this small fishing port and even today fishing boats line the north part of the beach when they are not out at sea. This gives the beach a unique genuine ambiance. A steep wall behind the beach provides Pescadores with protection from the wind. Above the beach, the old village of Ericeira, with traditional whitewashed houses, makes a picturesque backdrop.

On top of all that, Ericeira is the second World Surfing Reserve in the world and EUROPE’S ONLY WORLD SURFING RESERVE